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There are four - count 'em, four - ways to advertise on Home On The Strange:

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Home on the Strange reaches an audience of roughly 20,000 people, with about 6,000 unique visitors stopping by daily - and that number's only going up! (You can see a rough graph of our current traffic by clicking this link and scrolling down. As such, our ads are dirt-cheap at $2 a day for a slot in the top banner rotation! (And if you buy several days' worth of advertising, we'll even mention you as a new advertiser on the sidebar!)

The top banner is 728x90, and it can be no larger than 45k. This is a PG 13 site, so please avoid nudity and foul language in your ads - if it's not work-safe, we won't put it up on the site. (For similar reasons, even though we're pro-sex, we cannot accept advertisements for pornographic sites, either.) Appropriateness is up to our discretion. We can accept Flash banners, assuming we get them with enough advance time to verify that the .SWF files are valid and can be displayed properly. Keep in mind that we update on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, and that's when we get the most traffic, so starting or ending a campaign on those days is strongly suggested.

To start your advertising campaign with Home on the Strange, take the following steps:
1) Email us at to tell us when you'd like to have your campaign start, what site you're promoting, and how long you'd like it to run.
2) Send us the ad so we can check its content. Animated GIFs, if you can do 'em, are quite nice.
3) PayPal the money to us at and we'll get it in the system!

Sponsor A Comic For $5, Forever!

For $5, you can purchase a space next to the comic dedicating it to anyone you like. That dedication will remain for the life of the strip, meaning that as long as we’re around, the dedication will stay. If you’re interested, the way it works is this: email us at to tell us who you'd like to dedicate it to, and what message you'd like to see. In turn, we'll tell you what day we have available, and send you a copy of the script for that day so that you can make sure your smooshily romantic message won't appear on a day when there’s a breakup. If all is acceptable, you send us $5 and we put it up for a future strip!

Project Wonderful!

We take small ads for Project Wonderful, just because we like 'em. They're not nearly as effective as the banner ads, but if you'd like to try, click here.

Special Stuff!

Want to appear in a Home On The Strange comic? We usually don’t have a whole lot of walk-ons, but we’re also open to suggestion. Make us an offer, and we’ll see what we can do!

Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!

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