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Show that you, too, work at home by purchasing this T-shirt, with an image (and gag) taken from one of our earliest strips!


Got a MySpace or LiveJournal account where you're building an army, one drooling idiot at a time? Show the world your plans with this fetching T-shirt!


The Buffy comics are bad. How bad? This bad. And thanks to reader request, this loving tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer can be worn on your soon-to-be impaled chest!


After saving the campaign, Karla showed her gratitude to Tom with a very special tribute. You, too, can show your favorite gamer that Seawind the Enchantress wants to show you her gratitude!


Show your pride of being a member of the Open-Source Wish Project by buying the official T-shirt! (Until the genie grants you a wish for a new shirt, that is.)


The central four heroes of our strip, all available on a single T-shirt? Sign me up! (Warning: Branch and Seth not included. Not that you'd want them.)


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