The Six Costumes Of Seth!

In the In The Belly of the Beast Storyline, we established that Seth has seven costumes, and we have seen but one of them - Seth as the Evening Smoker. So we asked our readers: "What other costumes might Seth have?" The winner, as chosen by "Whatever amuses Roni and I the most," would win an original piece of Roni art from Year One.

This was what inspired the contest - Machelle sent us this most excellent picture of Seth as "Thief of Hearts," along with a fine tag line. She inspired us, so we'd probably better ensure she gets something special for this.

Zzzsleep renvisioned Seth from an old strip and Photoshopped him into... THE PARAMOUR. Kind of a Beatles vibe there, wot say?

Indigo of Kismetropolis, the Queen of Home on the Strange Fan Art, weighs in with Seth as The Rapier Wit. Though I am a little disappointed that there is no whip.

Luke Alexander imagines Seth as "The Libidinous Vanquisher," which I'm pretty sure would mean that Seth actually destroys people's libidos. Then again, that's not entirely inaccurate.

More Photoshoppery from Kiley, because "you can't have the bat cave without Batman."

Kelly Phillips created this because, "Come on, you know he has one. Don't try to pretend like he doesn't....

Bateleur presents Seth as The PartyTron. We are particularly amused by the beer tap.

Troy Smith of the most excellent comic Scandal Sheet (which I really should get around to reviewing one of these days) does a fantastic entry of Seth as The Lounge Lizard. Witness the prehensile tail of doom!

Eku submitted this one, saying, "I'm not at all sure if I approached this challenge in the right way, as I drew Seth in a costume no one will recognize, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. I drew him as Capt. Death, which is a superhero character I created." And it's true, I don't know Capt. Death, but it is a pretty neat look. Seth's beer belly is spot on.

Cathy Davis submits Seth as a dope-smokin' hippie. Come to think of it, I don't even know if Seth smokes the stuff, but now I wonder.

Tim Noyce submits my worst nightmare: FURRY SETH. He says he is, and I quote, "Not wishing manga catpeople on anyone," but still. THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES!

My old pal Mat Bacon submits an extremely well-done piece of art showing Seth at his wordiest

And finally, we have my friend Josh/Vrax showing Seth in a whole different light.

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