Princess Fluttershine, Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Part 5

They’re still gamin’.

TOM: Okay, enough with the doors. You make your way to a glade in the middle of the dungeon –

BRANCH: could you draw me a map?

TOM (excited, trying to kindle Branch’s excitement with his own): No! You’re at the glade now! And in that glade… Is a pool of acid! A puppy is melting in the acid pool! What do you do to save the puppy, Princess Fluttershine?

(There are, at a minimum, four panels of Tom staring at Branch while Branch stares back at Tom. There is yet another clock in the background to show that at least twenty minutes passes.)

TOM (despairing): And you just killed a puppy.

BRANCH: is that like killing a kitten? because some guy told me he killed a kitten every time he thought of me but I don’t think thats what he meant

Ferrett Says

Those who pay close attention to the URL and numbering system of the strip – which would be, at last count, me and Roni – will note that today is our 100th strip. We kind of wish we had planned something special for this landmark, but alas we were right in the middle of the “Princess Fluttershine” story and couldn’t think of a one-off anniversary strip worth breaking the storyline.

Roni suggested just putting everyone randomly in party hats today. I think she might have been serious.

In any case, if you feel like celebrating along with us and you have some sort of media center – a blog, a website, a billboard with some spare space – then wish us a happy by linking to your favorite HotS strip (or strips). I mean, if you think today’s the funniest thing we’ve ever done, then link to that, but why send anyone over to see anything but the best strip EVAR?

But you know, a hundred’s good – many webcomics didn’t get that far – but in a world where Questionable Content is up to 704, it’s a celebration that seems a bit silly.

One year. When we get to the year-ending storyline “Mexican Standoff,” that’s something cool. Because we have a big ol’ overall story arc planned that'll hopefully last us for a few years, and I can’t wait to get to Year Two. (I believe it's where Tom and Joe Chill team up to fight The Reaper.)

In the meantime, lemme give two random shoutouts: If you remember Cobras in the Cockpit, who were kind enough to advertise their crazy game with us, their board game is now for sale. You might wanna pick it up in preparation for a snake-fiesta DVD release party!

And second, it’s been making the rounds so much that I would honestly be surprised if he needs the help, but Xkcd is one of those weird-ass strips where I find myself wishing I could think like that. It’s alternately touching, hysterical, and inscrutable. The mighty Websnark got to writing about it before I could, but it’s well worth adding to your daily web trawl, if only for this strip.

Roni Says:

...I wasn't kidding.

Neither is Ferrett for that matter. He not infrequently says things like "In year four, Tom and Karla go..." Three days after we agreed to team up he sent me three months of scripts. We have long range plans.

Also, my apologies for the preview sketched being particularly random or "conceptual" as I like to call them. We are flying by the seat of our pants, and Princess Fluttershine is hot off the presses mere hours before it posts. It's exciting to have last minute control and immediate feed back, rather than wait weeks for a strip to run. It also allows us to be more flexible and topical. However, working on the strip several hours, then tackling the preview sketch tend to make them particularly whimsical.

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