Princess Fluttershine, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Part 6

Tom is at the coffee shop, nursing a cup of espresso and a grudge. Branch sidles in.

TOM: Branch, you had every opportunity to rescue that puppy in the game. But I waited for half an hour and you said nothing. The puppy is meltified.

(Branch sits down at the table with some papers, some charts, and some drawings. Sheís already written fanfic for this campaign, even though Tom doesnít know it and may never.)

BRANCH: but there were things you didnt know

TOM: Iím the GM, Branch. I know everything.

BRANCH: okay okay but what if princess fluttershine was under a curse?

(Cut to, perhaps, the vibrant game world again?)

BRANCH: see when i stole my unicorn from the wooded glade the nature spirits resented me for taking their beautiful pony

BRANCH: so unbeknownst to me they cursed me so that whenever fluttershine needs to act she is paralyzed with doubt for she knows she is not truly worthy of the rainbow power and i failed to overcome my own fear

BRANCH: now princess fluttershine must repent by taking a quest to the depths of hell

TOM (appreciative): Actually, given what happened, thatís not a bad plot! And I get to run demons

BRANCH: i know you like demons you used to sing about them

TOM: But you realize that roleplaying involves you talking while Iím here.

BRANCH: actual people make me nervous

Ferrett Says

Not much to say about this strip today. But if you want some thoughts about Friday's strip and the nature of comedic writing, you might want to check out an entry I wrote the other day in my blog. Oh, and in Wednesday's strip, the question you've all been asking will be revealed, which will complete my personal mission to convert this strip into Queen of Wands. But you'll grok it when you get there.

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