Princess Fluttershine, Part 8

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The Script For Today's Comic!

They're in the kitchen now, maybe.
TOM (aghast, but not upset): So you're making me GM for Branch because you were LIKE Branch once?

KARLA (serenely): Yes.

TOM: Karla, this isn't My Fair Lady. This is Branch. Two more cats, and
she levels up to Crazy Cat Lady.

KARLA: Branch yammers about Phantom of the Opera; I blathered about Jesus. And you don't know what that’s was like.

(FLASHBACK. Karla's wearing a Catholic school girl uniform, same glazed look as Branch (if perhaps a little more eager), to a group of at least
Two people who are flinching away from her with their entire bodies, teeth
gritted, as if they'd love to be anywhere else.)

KARLA (box): My Mom taught me that Jesus was everything, so I thought it was what everyone wanted to talk about.

KARLA (teen, eagerly): ...So the three spirits are one and the same, but if you worship all of them it means you get to go to heaven, and that's better than any videogame!

(FLASHBACK: Little Karla, kneeling next to the bed, praying hard.)

KARLA (box): I was creepy, and I knew it. Nobody wanted to be my friend.

KARLA (box): But I didn't have anyone to tell me what I was doing wrong. Every night, I prayed for God to make me normal. But He never did.

(FLASHBACK: Karla, spreading the word of the Lord to two REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE kids in yarmulkes, in full Jewish gear.)

TOM: Did it ever occur to you that you were selling Jesus on the most Jewish block in all of Queens?

KARLA: So you see my problem.

Ferrett Says

The Karla saga continues, with the accent on “Continues.” Day by day, we begin to see the motivations at work, which is just our little way of saying “Be patient.” All motivations will be revealed.

…Eventually. And you may not agree with them when all is said and done. But hey, do you always agree with what your friends do?

In other news, I’ve been awful in forgetting to mention the big news: we got our first fan art. Yes, someone else drew Princess Fluttershine for our 100th comic! Well, actually, Indigo of fellow web strip Kismetropolis has done fan art before, but being the amnesiac sonuvabitch I am I never got around to pointing towards Indigo’s Izzy. Indigo’s been having a rough stretch lately, so well-wishes would be cool but I bet going over to read her webcomic’s archives would be even cooler.

This bodes well for February, where we’re thinking about giving Roni a couple of weeks off and thus would need to look for guest strips. It’s kind of neat to see someone else take on a character you created.

You might think this makes Indigo the #1 Home on the Strange fan, if such a thing could be said to exist, but you would be wrong. In terms of both flooding us with “Way to go!” emails and actual financial incentive (just look at how many strips his name is on, for gosh's sake!), that fan would be John Cochrane, who I also meant to shout out to on strip #100, but I blew it. But he? Is way cool.

In other news, thanks to the structure of the page Roni’s Sez is below mine, but it’s way funnier than anything I could write today. Really.

Roni Says:

For this comic, I wanted to find a reference picture of the Hasidic youths from the movie Snatch(I'm a bit of an accuracy freak). Now, I have the bad habit of not really thinking through alternate meanings for things I Google Image search. I was with belated horror I realized I had just done a search for "Hasidic snatch". I have never been more relieved to have a search yield no results.

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