Princess Fluttershine, Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tom and Karla, talking, yadda.
TOM: So you were a Jesus freak in a Jewish school. That's not nearly the
same as Branch!
KARLA (earnestly, trying to convince him): It is, Tom. We both yammered
about things that nobody else got. We both had these weird hobbies that
other people found creepy. And it took me years to realize that not
everyone was filled with the light of the Lord.
KARLA: <i>Branch doesn't know what she's doing wrong</i>.
TOM: But...
KARLA (gently): But nothing, Tom. It's easy for you; you've always known
who you are. But me? I had to figure out everything step by step, and
sometimes I needed a little help from outsiders. A mentor.
TOM (scoffing): You haven't needed a mentor since I've known you.
KARLA: That's because you've been it, you silly.
(This is A Significant Moment.)
TOM (awestruck): Really?
KARLA (grinning shyly, revealing something good about this): Yeah. When
was about to live my life the way my mother wanted me to, this crazy punk
rocker came along and told me to forget that religious stuff - just be me
and the rest would follow. And that... let me be something different.
TOM: So... I kinda killed Jesus for you.
TOM: No WONDER your mother hates me.
KARLA: No worries. If it's really Jesus, I'm pretty sure he'll come back.

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