Princess Fluttershine, Part 10

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine

Tom is now at Branch’s house. This will require decorating, since it’ll be something we’ll be returning to later in the storyline – go nuts with the kitchy unicorns and Phantom of the Opera posters/masks and the twee little details.

This strip should start out with Tom being completely loving and reasonable, getting more vexed with each panel until he’s a complete monster at the end.

TOM: Branch, I… Karla told me how hard it is for you to talk to people.

BRANCH (slightly more worried than normal): did you get my email about the princess?

TOM: That’s not important. But Karla doesn’t GM, so maybe if I run a game for you I can teach you how to talk to people…

BRANCH: she has spontaneous fits that cause her to go quiet for moments at a time

TOM (angrier): Leave the princess out of it, will you? The important thing is that maybe I’ve been misjudging you and….

BRANCH: ill take the fits as a disadvantage on my character sheet but you dont need to give me xp for it

TOM (shaking Branch by the shoulders, a giant ogre, completely at odds with what he was trying to do): DAMMIT, BRANCH, I’M TRYING TO HAVE A SIGNIFICANT MOMENT WITH YOU!

BRANCH: eep!

(NOTE: We’ll need a lot of space for that last balloon, obv.)

Roni Says:

Since I imagine Ferrett and Gini are enjoying their anniversary, I'll be captaining this ship. Arrrgh! You may think I've been quiet and not saying much here ...and you'd be right. However, that's because I finish the comic and try to make an entertaining preview, then I'm pretty beat. I'll try to do better. (If you're reading between the lines you'll realize there's some fun stuff behind that vote button. Watching us climb the ranks entertains me, what can I say?)

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