There Is A Try

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The Script For Today's Comic!

It is a small Tom, perhaps nine or ten, sitting and nursing a black eye. He has obviously been crying. His dad, who I envision as a tall, comforting man with a mustache, is sitting across from him, listening carefully as he tries to think of the right thing to say to his son at this critical juncture.

TOM: I GAVE him my lunch money! And then he beat me up anyway!

DAD: That's what bullies do, son.

TOM: But why? I didn't DO anything!

DAD (seriously, grimly, perhaps a full panel just centered on him to get this all in there): You had something he wanted. And he thought he could get it easy. That's all it takes for someone like that. And you know what? Tomorrow, he's going to try to take your lunch money again.

DAD (smiling a little as he instills Tom with this small sense of pride, as tiny Tom comes around): As long as you let him get away with it, he will come back. Someone needs to stand up to a guy like that to tell him that taking money isn't that easy - and maybe it'll hurt a little. But maybe that guy will make a difference.

Tom, his arms crossed firmly, standing in between a frantic Karla and a large rack of DVDs that says, "NEW STAR WARS! ORIGINAL THEATRICAL RELEASE ON DVD FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!" and in below it in type that's small enough to be noticed, "(Original theatrical release in stereo only - no Dolby available.)" Karla is spluttering, but Tom is firm.

KARLA: Why can't I buy these DVD re-releases?

TOM (grimly): My Dad taught me a lesson, once.

Ferrett Says

Hey, kids! What’s today?

Why, it’s the return of the merch!

Yes, you folks have been clamoring for T-shirts and such… And who are we to refuse you? As such, we’ve added four new T-shirt designs based on a complex calculation involving your feedback, our personal amusement level, and whatever CafePress allows us to do.

Want a cast shirt? We got it at last. Want an Open-Source Wish Project shirt? We got that, too. Want a Buffy cartoon shirt? Go nuts. They’re all listed here, including the two previous designs that we had up and… Seawind!

We’ll be adding Ts on a regular basis, so if you’d like to see anything, let us know. Because, hey, artists gotta eat.

In other news, the irony of this strip was that I was fighting this very battle as I was dialoguing the strip this very night. My wife wants to cave. Me? I have to stand up and make a difference.

But you know... It does hurt a little.

Roni Says:

If you don't see the shirt you wanted here, not to worry, there are plenty more to come. We started with plans to debut 3 new shirts, which became 4, which became 8. So, rather than wait until I can get them all done, we're starting with these 4 and keeping them coming. As usual, we'd love to hear any requests or suggestions in our forums.

Funny that Ferrett mentioned artists needing to eat. As some of you may know, I'm presently trying to make ends meet as a freelance artist. Ferrett recently reminded me that I haven't mentioned my freelancing to the single largest group of people familiar with my work, you guys!

I've mostly done illustration work for RPGs, logo design/ad work for small businesses, and personal commissions. If you looking for an artist, or want to buy some art, please contact me and check out my site at . Alternately, if you're an employer looking for an artist or animator in the NE Massachusetts area, I'd be interested in talking to you as well. If not, no worries...I'll just start selling paper flowers in the street or something. Maybe practice my British accent.

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