If Real Life Was Like Netflix

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To my grandfather who told me this joke when I was 6 (and many other fine jokes over the years). You are missed.

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The Script For Today's Comic!

If Real Life Was Like Netflix

Tom is at some sort of chow line that says, “ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!” filled with every food you can imagine (or, alternatively, a buffet with a bunch of plates with various colored glops on them). He’s got a plate, he looks hungry, he’s heading up.

Tanner steps in front of him, wearing a shirt that says “Bouncer.”

TANNER: I’m sorry, sir, you can’t eat just now.

TOM: Pardon me?

TANNER: I’m afraid you’ll have to wait.

TOM (waving at Karla): But she’s eating now!

TANNER: Yes. She’s on her first helping. In order to properly balance out our cafeteria load issues, we re-prioritize heavy eaters. Since you’ve had two plates of food already, you can have another plate of food in… Oh, an hour.

TOM: But the banner! It says “All you can eat!”

TANNER: Yes sir. And that’s all you can eat until 1:30.

Ferrett Says

Like Monday's George Lucas strip, this is yet another cartoon that not everyone is going to get… But those who do will appreciate it because, well, it's so darned irritating. And if you don't know what Netflix is doing to its customers, you can read this link when you're done.

You know, I wouldn't even have a problem with it if their advertisements hadn't said, "Unlimited rentals!" when I signed up. But… aw, hell, read the strip.

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