It's All About The Presentation, Baby

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The Script For Today's Comic!

It’s All About The Presentations, Baby

Karla is at work, at the front of a room, giving a presentation with a pointer as a projection screen flashes things on the wall. She is in full business work-mode, looking professional and fit, and it should look (even as we do not see the people she is presenting to) as if she is before a large crowd.

I should note that given the heaviness of the dialogue here, we will need a LOT of whitespace to fit the balloons in.

KARLA (pointing to the screen, which says “SEX IN THE WORKPLACE” in a Powerpoint-style font, perhaps with Microsoft Office clip art): We spend more time at the office than we do at home these days, so it’s natural that we form personal relationships.

KARLA (same panel): But dating at work is a legal mine field, so we’re obligated to give you this lecture.

(The screen now says this:

• Professional
• Discreet
• Must not interfere with existing workload
• No nepotism

KARLA (pointing at someone in the audience): It is important not to allow your love life to interfere with your job, like when Alex and Missy stumble in late covered in hickeys and giggling like loons.

KARLA: Nor should you sex it up in the bathroom when you think nobody’s looking, since our security cameras have some pretty good tapes of Janine and Fred, which I will be auctioning after this presentation.

KARLA: And remember, nobody should be promoted thanks to sexual favors, even though we all know the reason Kelly “Kneepads” Baxter got her job as VP is because she’s fondling the CEO on those business trips to Denmark.

(Cut to the REUSABLE TIKI ROOM, where Izzy is staring at Karla with a disbelieving horror that can probably be cut straight from the “I Like Big Libraries” strip from awhile back.)

IZZY: You didn’t.

KARLA (disgruntled – she’s not thrilled that she can’t call it like it is): No, but I got as far as creating the slides before good sense got ahold of me.

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