Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 1

(Note: I picture this as a five-panel thing.)

Tom and Izzy are on their way outside.

TOM (confused, but amenable – this should be their buddy-bonding moment): So where are we headed again?

IZZY: “Die Arthaus.” It’s a weekly show put on by local artists.

TOM: And why are we headed there?

IZZY (convincing both herself and Tom): You’re stuck photographing ugly couples at weddings. I wanted to be the next Picasso, and I’m drawing the new Lexus for a Maxim ad.

IZZY (selling this with all her heart to Tom, body and soul, full-body expression): We’ve sold out. Our art dreams are dying.

IZZY: Maybe if we go to this gathering of creative talent, it’ll jump-start our creative juices! We need to get out of this rut!

(They come upon Die Arthaus, seeing the exterior. I’m gonna leave it up to you, but Die Arthaus should be MEGA-PRETENTION, like a Tim Burton movie come to life, with a huge sign that says “DIE ARTHAUS” in some ridiculous, overblown fashion, and the windows and doors should be dressed up in some absurd way – this should so ludicrous and comical that it barely qualifies as reality. It needs to be so crazy that ONE GLANCE tells you that this is not a wise idea.)

(I also envision Goth smokers with clove cigarettes out front, but I dunno how that’ll work for ya timewise.)

TOM: If this is the road, I kind of like my rut.

IZZY: Hotblack Desiato would love this place.

(Not happy with Izzy’s punchline here – I may be inspired by your art for this, or maybe a better one will spring to mind. I’ll clear anything by you.)

Roni Says:

Ah, the second day of October, my favorite month of the year. The air is cool, the leaves are turning, and the voting for Top Web Comics rolls over! Yesterday was kind of a bad day for me, you can make today much better by getting us into the top 10! You know you want to see the post vote art. I'm gonna go pass out now.

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