Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

(Note: I picture this as a very clean four-panel, if Seth may have to be small in the last one. If it goes beyond that, lemme know and we can hack some of the dialogue here.)

We open on a closeup of a ludicrously-bad sculpture on some form of artistic pedestal with a sign saying, “TURD BLOSSOM #2 - $700.” The nature of the sculpture is up to you, but it should be a) cobbled together from shit that looks ugly, and b) perhaps reminiscent of Karl Rove or the Republican election win in some awful way, since “Turd Blossom” is Dubya’s nickname for Rove.

(NOTE: I’ll change the dialogue to reflect whatever you draw.)

IZZY (off-screen): What the hell is that?

TOM (peering closely, with perhaps a bit of worry, as if it might bite him): I’m pretty sure it’s a sculpture.

IZZY (barren, more broken than upset): It looks like a dump truck barfed on something.

TOM: That’s modern art for you.

IZZY (concerned, as Tom looks on in sympathy – he’s been there): I drew pictures – good pictures – and nobody bought them. This schmuck welds together trash, and people pay him for it.

IZZY: What does that say about me?

TOM (reassuring, kind, a fellow artist): Nothing. It’s all about the customer. Someone wants this.

IZZY (exasperated more than angry – if she could only dope out the needs of the people, maybe she could make a living selling out and then she could do the cool art stuff on the side): What pretentious jerk would want something like that in their living room?

Seth, in his living room. On the table is an equally ugly sculpture in the same theme as TB #2, yet different enough to be obvious that it’s not the same sculpture, with a plaque underneath it that says “TURD BLOSSOM #1.” Seth admires it grudgingly.

SETH (thinking): I simply must get something else by this man.

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