Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 5

A band consisting of two people is on the stage, as Tom and Izzy are up-front, watching. A sign in front of them says, “THE CLARIFIED BUTTER EXPERIENCE.” Let me describe the people as I knew them…

THE GIRL ON THE CELLO is a dowdy Goth girl with huge, Magenta-style hair spilling over her head in a frizzy tangle as she wears a black librarian’s dress with Granny glasses. She has all the expression of Branch, her eyes dark and unreadable.

THE GUY ON THE DRUMS IS your standard punk dude, thin with a bald head and tons of tattoos, and a ripped T-shirt.

TOM: This looks promising. That guy’s ripped.

IZZY: And it’s cello! I love Apocalyptica and Rasputina!

TOM: And remember, there’s always room for cello.

IZZY: I can’t wait for them to start.

(For the next umpteen panels, we see them tuning up. I kind of picture this done in the way that you showed Karla setting up in “Lest No One Speak My Name,” wherein we see a close-up of the guy rat-a-tat-tatting on the drums, the girl “Doon-doon… doon-doon”ing on the cello, her adjusting the frets or whatever the hell you call those things that twist the strings, him using a drum key to twist the drum head, tapping on the cymbal, tapping the microphone and counting “One, two, three” and so forth. It should feel like a significant amount of time passes before Tom interrupts.)

TOM (polite): Excuse me – are you going to be tuning up for much longer? You sound fine.

(Final panel – both of these balloons should be in the same one for timing.)

GIRL: We are playing.

TOM (frustrated): Oh, for Christ’s sake!

Ferrett Says

Some of these happened to Roni. Some of them happened to me. The band name is even the same, since I just loved it so much - seriously, now that is a great name for a band - that I had to use it here.

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