Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 7

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Respectfully dedicated to MISTER Magill, who has long been suspected of serving as a training exercise to the SC police
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The Script For Today's Comic!

Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 7

(Four panels.)

Izzy and Tom are on the pavement, hands behind their back, handcuffed. Izzy looks dejected, but Tom looks vibrant and alive; this is the most fun heís had in years.

IZZY: I canít believe they called the cops on us.

TOM: Donít worry, weíll be fine.

(An officer enters the scene. He should be older, obviously, at least old enough to be handling Tom when he was on the force almost ten years ago.)

OFFICER BARSTOW: Okay, now you have the right to remain Ė Tom? Tom Rough? Is that you?

TOM (delighted): Officer Barstow!

OFFICER BARSTOW (making a gesture of familiarity/relaxation, like pushing back his cap and scratching his head): Oh, man, are you a site for sore eyes. How longís it been since I arrested you?

TOM: Must be at least eight years.

OFFICER BARSTOW (calling back): Well, I guess I donít have to read you your rights Ė

TOM: Remember when I was gonna get Ďem tattooed on my chest?

OFFICER BARSTOW: That woulda been great. Hang on, Iíll bring the good car around for you.

(He leaves.)

IZZY: You really were a punk rocker.

TOM (crazed pride): You better believe it, baby.

OFFICER BARSTOW: Hey, the fellas back at the station want to give you an old-fashioned beating! You up for it?

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