Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 8

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 8

(Four panels.)

Karla and Tom at the dinner table, except that Karla is brandishing a newspaper at Tom. The headline reads “INSURRECTION AT DAS ARTHAUS,” and a HIGHLY VISIBLE photo shows Tom and Izzy playing at the club.

KARLA (exasperated): Look at this, Tom! Look at what you’ve done!

TOM (drinking his coffee, unconcerned): Don’t worry about it.

KARLA: Don’t worry about it? That bail cost us $300! Plus, they might file charges….

TOM: Bail’s covered. Actually, I made a profit on it.

KARLA: How…?

TOM: Look at the byline on the picture.

KARLA: “Tom Sparks.”

TOM: That’s my pseudonym. I set my camera up in the back and took a couple of remote shots, and then sold them to the first reporter on the scene.

TOM: How do you think I afforded bail when I was on the road?

KARLA (head in hands, despairing that she’ll never completely tame Tom): Oh my God, I’m married to Peter Parker.

TOM (confidently, grinning with a broad happiness): I knocked ‘em dead, tiger.

(The last punchline here isn’t quite gelling for me again, but wracking my brain for a Spider-Man reference and it isn’t coming. We have time, though.)

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