Murder (Or An Art Attack), Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Murder (or an Art Attack), Part 9

Izzy is at the coffee shop, scribbling with a furious intensity, surrounded by a surfeit of artistsí tools that almost clogs the table. Tom wanders in, happy to see her.

TOM (slyly thrilled): Are you drawing, Iz?

IZZY: Damn straight.

IZZY (suffused with an almost rapturous light): After seeing what the guys at Die Arthaus got paid for, I realized that trying to sell my art to people was foolish.

IZZY: I might as well just draw what I like. And now itís fun again.

TOM: Thatís the spirit, Izzy! I did that with my band Program, and look where it got me!

IZZY (archly): Six years living out of a rusting VW bus, followed by bankruptcy?

TOM (slightly defensive): Okay, thatís the way Karla tells it.

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