J-Horror Will Eat Itself, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

J-Horror Will Eat Itself, Part 1

Tom is welcoming Tanner and Izzy into the house. In the background, Karla is screaming, though you don’t necessarily need to show this in the art. They are wearing whatever you feel like having them wear.

IZZY: Thanks for inviting us over for Halloween, Tom.

TOM: Sorry it couldn’t be a bigger celebration. Normally we go all-out, but after our arrest we didn’t have the money….

KARLA (from the other room, maybe): DAMMIT, WHY ARE YOU TAKING THAT?

(I envision them walking now, moving towards the living room)

TANNER: So the plan is watching Japanese horror flicks until dawn?

TOM: Yeah, we have The Ring, Audition, Dark Water…


(They enter the room.)

TOM: …though Karla’s having issues with The Grudge.

KARLA (defensively): I’m sorry, but Buffy should totally kick a twelve-year-old girl’s ass!

Ferrett Says

The danger of writing a strip for nerd culture is that it presumes that “nerd culture” is homogenous. My nerd culture, for example, is rife with Deadwood, but not everyone got our Deadwood strip. Other nerd culture is rife with anime, but not mine. And Roni’s nerd culture is suffused with a lovely glow of World of Warcraft, but not ours.

But ya know? Screw it. You can play the “What percentage of our audience is likely to get this?” game until you’re blue in the face. How obscure is too obscure? Well, a movie that was #1 at the box office is probably fair game, and if not, you can darn well Google it. And me, I loves me some Japanese horror (even if I hated hated hated Audition for pretty much the same reasons I hated Hostel), so that’s the scary we’re goin’ for.

Ready or not, here we go.

In other news, I personally love this strip because I got to be surprised by it. I like to be surprised by Roni’s art, but usually I have to dialogue the roughs. So on those rare moments when I have an opportunity to not know what the heck is going on, I relish them... And when she said, “I can tell you what they’re wearing…” I shielded my eyes and demanded not to know.

Ah, the magic of strips. Whee!

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