J-Horror Will Eat Itself, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

J-Horror Will Eat Itself, Part 2

They are squeezed onto the couch in whatever method looks comfortable. Tanner and Izzy should be holding hands, even as I picture Tanner on a separate chair (since we’ve established the couch is small). They have the TV on, but they’re partaking in that between-movies banter that we all do. They look slightly wary.

KARLA: Okay, we’ve seen The Ring, the Grudge, and Dark Water….

IZZY: What is it with the Japanese and little girls with long hair and water?

IZZY: Ooo, creepy kid in the corner! Long black hair coming out of somewhere! Oh my god, a glass of water! Run!

TOM: Well, it’s not like the Japanese are surrounded by water and Japanese children.

IZZY: But why hair? Why is hair so scary to them?

IZZY: You know who would really freak the Japanese out? Cousin Itt. Just one big mass of hair.

KARLA: Put him on a boat somewhere, and Japan just crapped their pants.

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