J-Horror Will Eat Itself, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!

J-Horror Will Eat Itself, Part 3

They’re all on the couch. Izzy is ranting, and perhaps gets to her feet. There are ways to set up this scene so it’s even scarier, but perhaps we should discuss how to do it – I’d kind of like Izzy to be ranting near a window where it’s dark outside so that there’s a startling reveal. This is gonna be a largely graphic strip, so you gotta dope out how to get Izzy to the window in two panels and make this clear.

IZZY: This is bullcrap! These J-Horror movies wouldn’t scare anyone with half a brain!

IZZY: Ooo, a creepy girl shows up out of nowhere! And she has evil powers! It’s –

(KRAK-A-BOOM! Lightning flashes. Outside, there is a darkened figure illuminated, with long black hair, creepy eyes (and glasses), staring in at Izzy so the two of them make eye contact. Izzy is fucking terrified.

(Final panel: Izzy is slouched against the wall, eyes wide, clutching her chest in abject terror. Branch is now in the room, a towel around her shoulders and a hot mug in her hand, as Karla takes care of her.)

IZZY (small): Okay, maybe it’s a little scary….

BRANCH: sorry im late but i had to walk here from work in the rain and youd locked the doors….

Ferrett Says

And so this storyline concludes. Some storylines have Huge Personal Issues; others are just the cast sitting around, talking about nerd stuff. This is one where they’re just hangin’ out, because people can’t be having arguments all the time.

Some people asked why they were watching the English versions of the horror movies. The answer to that is, “Not everyone in the world is a damn Japanophile.” One suspects that Tom doesn’t have a whole lot of patience for subtitles anyway, and Karla’s not going to give up a chance to see Buffy kickin’ butt.

In other news, I have a costume the rest of you would envy. But I can’t tell you about it until Monday. What fun is that?

Roni Says:

I've already shown you all my costume.

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