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To Wendy Whoppers, one time queen of the Dow-Corning Elastomer-coated gel sac.

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Tanner are someplace public. A very stacked girl walks by, and Tom reacts with enthusiasm, looking up with a stupid grin. Tanner, on the other hand, glances up cursorily.

TOM (turning to Tanner): Whoo! That girl was stacked.

TANNER: Mmm-hmm.

TOM: I’m not sure if they were real, though. What do you think?

TANNER (professorially, without a hint of a grin – this is really boring to him, as he looks at it the way a computer tech checks out a malfunctioning PC – this balloon will need to be large thanks to the big words): I’d say she went from a 34B to a 34D thanks to a subfascially implanted Dow-Corning elastomer-coated gel sac via an inframammary incision.

TOM (a little taken off his biscuit, but not annoyed): I forgot that you work at a strip club.

TANNER: I wish they all had personality implants instead.

Ferrett Says

Okay, I admit it was a little cruel to promise “Breasts” if you voted for us on Wednesday’s strip, and to only show you implants. That was wrong of me, to play on your baser instincts. In the future, if I promise breasts, there will be breasts.

(Which means that unless Roni starts thinking way different than I think she thinks, it won’t happen.)

Still, thanks for catapulting us up to #2 on the chart oh-so-briefly. As of the time I write this, we’re clinging to a tenuous #8, but we’ve already had a lot of new people click through. So thanks, and keep voting! Every day we hang in the top 10 (or even the top 20), we get new readers!

Which brings me to my query: at TopWebComics.com, we currently have no sample strip. This is because we had, oh, maybe ten strips when we started. But now we have a strong 124 strips to choose from, and I think it’s time we chose the archetypical Home on the Strange strip — the one a new reader would look at and go, “Dang! I gots to get me some more of this stuff!”

So I ask you, dear (and old) readers — if you had but one strip to hand to someone to get them hooked on that HotS flava, what would that strip be? Trawl our archives if you must, and sound off in the forums.

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