50,000 Words, 21 Grams, 12 Monkeys

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The Script For Today's Comic!

50,000 Words, 21 Grams, 12 Monkeys

First Panel: Just the words in large letters: “SO WHAT ARE YOU WRITING FOR NANOWRIMO?”

SCENE: A skeezy-looking guy with a tawdry little mustache and perhaps a little too much glee. Don’t bother drawing backgrounds for these, you don’t need them.

GUY: My novel is a 50,000-word slashfur story based on Groundhog Day. The attraction between Bill Murray and Punxatawney Phil was simply too great to ignore….

SCENE: Branch.

BRANCH: im writing the story of fourteen cats, all unique in some way, tumbling and bumbling their way through a world where a mean goblin wants to take away the unicorns

BRANCH: i call it “a tale of two kitties”

SCENE: An ordinary housewife, looking pathetic as she looks at the camera.

WOMAN: My novel’s about a woman just like me who lives a life like me.

WOMAN (trailing off, embarrassed): If I write long enough, I’m sure something interesting will happen to her….

SCENE: Seth, looking at a huge pile of notes. (Okay, we need background for this.) He should be surrounded by the fuckers, like in Brazil.

SETH: My fantasy novel has been years in the making, based on my gaming campaign. I have notes that span back to 1992. My maps are grand. The characters? Riveting.

(Separate panel)

BOX: So do you have a plot?

SETH (suddenly furious, the interviewer having touched upon the one sore spot): I’m getting to that!

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