Who Needs A House Out In Hackensack?

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Moving Out, Part 1
(Note: I will change all of these titles to actual lyrics from Billy Joel. Eventually.)

Tom is at the coffee shop. Izzy enters.

IZZY: What are you doing this Saturday?

TOM: Why?

IZZY: I need someone to help me move out of my apartment.

TOM: What happened? You love that place.

IZZY: My landlord raised my rent on me. I need to get out by this weekend or my savings account vanishes. So you in?

TOM: Can’t. I have a wedding to shoot this weekend, and Karla’s on a business trip. Why not ask Tanner?

IZZY: You mean the Tanner who paid his ex-girlfriend Ann $75 a week to move in with him because he would “never be lonely again if he had a girl in his life”?

TOM (wincing): Ooo.

IZZY: I don’t want to raise my rent that much.

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