You Should Never Argue With A Crazy Mi-mi-mi Mind

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Still at the coffee shop.

TOM (concerned, trying to stick up for his friend): But have you at least talked with Tanner about helping you move?

IZZY: Tom, you know how he is

(NOTE: I picture this as a series of floating heads where we see Izzy going through a LOT of changes of expressions, showing how shes mimicking Tanner as she responds to herself, rolling her eyes and mocking Tanner lightly.)

IZZY: Id be all like, I need to move.

IZZY: And hed be like, Why dont you move in with me?

IZZY: And Id say, Because I need my own space. Im a private person.

IZZY: And hed go, Is it because you dont love me? And Id tell him of course its not that I dont love him, though I dont, because were not dating and this isnt love.

IZZY: Then hed get boo-boo faced over me not loving him, and hed think that I dont like him, which I do, and then wed get into a big fight about where we stand and hed run over another possum.

(Camera pulls back. We see Tom, looking at her sardonically, impressed by the performance but a little distressed at well, read the punchline.)

TOM: So do you actually talk to Tanner, or are all of your conversations with him inside your head?

IZZY (unflustered): I once made a Tanner in my Sims house. When the virtual Tanner kept bugging me so much I slapped him, I realized interacting with the real thing was overrated.

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