Tip Your Maid Before You Pass Out

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To John F. Rizzo
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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tip Your Maid Before You Pass Out
(5 Panels)

Panel 1:
(Tanner in the tub, passed out after the night's drinking binge, surrounded by a couple of tipped-over bottles of hooch. There is a shower above him. There are many, many bottles and loofahs in this shower, courtesy of Karla. He looks silly.)

Panel 2:
(Karla enters the room, looking blandly miffed.)

Panel 3:
(She turns on the shower, dead cold, waking Tanner up rudely.)


Panel 4:
(Karla leans over to grab him by the shirt. She is small, but has a grip of iron. Tanner is terrified.)

KARLA: "I understand that your girlfriend is cheating on you, Andrew. I comprehend your need to drink wildly in safe places, surrounded by friends. I am glad that you trust us."

Panel 5:
KARLA (producing a pair of scissors): "But should I find one speck of Jagermeister vomit in my kitchen sink ever again, I will take it upon myself to end your dating woes personally."

TANNER: "Yes, ma'am."

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