And If That's What You Have In Mind

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Still in the coffee house. Tom is distressed, feeling as if his friend had been slighted.

TOM: Izzy, you have to talk to Tanner! You canít just move in secret so he canít ask you to move in with him!

IZZY: Why not? Iíve been working out.

TOM: Itís not the physical motion, itís the mental. You two have been dating for almost six months now Ė

IZZY (same panel, correcting him fussily): - sleeping together Ė

TOM: Whatever. Youíve been doing the wet willie exclusively for too long to sneak around like this.

TOM: At least talk to Tanner. Give him a choice.

IZZY (cockily): Youíre his best friend. Tell me honestly: If I said that I didnít want to move in with Tanner, would he break down in tears, beg me to stay, and then play ďSolsbury HillĒ outside my window until I confessed my love for him?

(Perhaps a pause.)

TOM (too evasively): UmmÖ.

IZZY (getting up from the table to leave): Iíll call you from my new digs.

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