And It Seems Such A Waste Of Time

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Izzy is lying down, back still to the couch, exhausted. We have a panel of this to establish how isolated and miserable she is – and then Tanner arrives in the frame, carrying a little cardboard box filled with Starbucks goodies.

TANNER: Hey, sweetie!

IZZY (alarmed, with real panic): What are you doing here?

TANNER (no fear whatsoever – he’s neither particularly happy nor sad, just a man doing his job with the faintest hint of a grin): I was just wandering through this apartment building with an iced mocha and a stickybun when I noticed this couch in the stairwell.

IZZY (looking vulnerable, softening): But you weren’t supposed to know….

TANNER (leaning down to deposit the tray next to Izzy, perhaps kissing her on the cheek, ignoring her): So I figured I’d leave this tray of delectable baked goods here while I go investigate.

TANNER: And if that tiny couch floats into a new apartment while my food vanishes into the maw of some beautiful, sweaty stranger sitting by the stairs?

TANNER: …Well, that has nothing to do with me.

(The camera closes in on Izzy, who is a little dazed, perhaps touching her hand to her cheek gently where Tanner kissed her.)

IZZY (thinking): I don’t know whether to kiss him or kill him.


Ferrett Says

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is the time when we think about all of the things we should be grateful for. Me? I’m glad of two things.

The first thing I’m glad of is Roni, a rock-solid reliable artist. In a world filled with missed deadlines, Roni’s managed to create a new strip every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, come rain or shine, marriage or honeymoon, for the past hundred and thirty strips. That’s damn good, and something that I can only admire. (And if she wants to take this Friday off because she might not want to spend her Thanksgiving cranking out some silly comic, well, hell, I've told her that's jake by me. But she’s still up in the air about that.)

The second thing is that I’m glad that I did not break the chain. I’d spent the past eight hours installing and configuring some twitchy new software for my day job, during which the technicians I was working with had taken the five pages of notes I had carefully compiled and apparently jammed them under a medicine cabinet somewhere. Exhausted and frustrated, I popped a Xanax and went to bed.

I cuddled with my wife. I closed my eyes. And then I thought, with a start, “It’s Tuesday, not Monday.” At which point I emerged, uncharacteristically drugged, to check my email and discover today’s strip waiting to be dialogued.

I can still hear Roni saying that I would never break the chain.

Roni Says:

Some of you might be wondering what was with that scrunched up tissue-looking thing that served as a preview on Monday. See, I was tired and somewhat frazzled, so I did a preview of next Mon instead of today. Oops.

Today's preview isn't a preview for Friday, either, it's a request by edt from the forums. To answer any questions, yes, my pinkie actually does bend like that, no, I don't know why. Finally, no, I'm not taking requests to scan other body parts.

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