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The Script For Today's Comic!


(This is a reasonably big one, but I’m going for six strips total.)

Tanner and Izzy stand in her new apartment, surrounded by boxes of books.

IZZY (still dazed): I thought you’d get mad at me because for not wanting to move in with you.

TANNER: Not particularly.

TANNER: I don’t like the fact that you kept the truth from me, but I don’t want you to live with me unless you want to. I think we’re ready to take this relationship one step further…

TANNER: But you gotta go at your own pace. And I need to respect that.

IZZY (vulnerable, feeling really off-balance – she’s not used to justifying herself, and now that she’s stripped of the need to do so she almost, almost, is willing to confess her love to Tanner): It’s not that I don’t – I don’t….

TANNER (worried – this is actually making him nervous, it’s a big step for him): You don’t need to say it. You’re afraid of being honest around me, and that’s… probably legitimate.

TANNER: So maybe I should give you space. And maybe you won’t leave me like all the other girls did.

IZZY (hugs him, smiling): That was why they left you, you silly goat.

TANNER (plaintively, still hugging): But now that you’ve spent a week avoiding me because you didn’t want to get into a fight, can you at least admit that we’re dating?

IZZY (sweetly, happily): No.

(NOTE: The sweetness in the final panel, the rapturousness of Izzy’s expression, has to be at total odds with the quick “no” that she’s saying. In other words, the picture has to be FAR sweeter than the words.)

Ferrett Says

Teh Roni, she is a machine. “You can take the day off,” I said. “It’s a holiday. Your apartment nearly blew up in a chemical fire. Things are stressful. Don’t worry about it.”

“I don’t wanna miss one,” she replied. “Not yet.” So here we have a strip.

We also have no preview for today, since frankly she put enough art into this strip that on the seventh day, she wanted to relax. That’s fine. If you feel like giving us a little thanks for giving, you might wanna click on the link to vote for us anyhow, but if not? No big whoop.

We love ya anyhow. You know how it is. And now I go to sleep to wake up in four hours for Black Friday Specials. Gah.

Roni Says:

So on Wednesday Ferrett sweetly gave me props for our unbroken streak of posting M,W,F since we launched. (Ok, there was that one time I inadvertently posted the Wednesday strip live on Tuesday night, but I fixed it.)

Not three hours after the last strip went live, I was shaken out of bed by a chemical plant exploding 2 blocks away. Here's my favorite picture. If you're interested in my further impressions of that night, I wrote them up in my journal.

It's been a long couple of days.

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