Flu Season! Wabbit Season!

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The Script For Today's Comic!



Karla is at work, in three separate places (perhaps with backgrounds stolen from the strips where she meets Izzy at the office). Karla is healthy in each of them, but in the background people are coughing into handkerchiefs, taking cold medicine (perhaps Alka-Seltzer Ė thatís nice and visual), staring with bleary eyes and a dripping nose at a monitor. There should be visual germs in the air, almost in the same way that flies are always hovering around cartoon garbage.

The final panel shows Tom standing over Karla, who is curled up on the couch in a bathrobe, pulling it around herself to stay warm. There is a humidifier spewing clouds, and there are heaps of crumpled tissues around her on the couch. Tom has his hands open, at his last witsí end, concerned in the same way that you donít understand how this can happen with that sort of faux-Calvin outrage.

TOM: I donít understand. Why are you always sick?

Ferrett Says

I know some of you don’t like me to talk about the behind-the-scenes details of Home on the Strange, which is fine; everyone likes sausage, but few people like to see how it’s ground. But if you have an interest in seeing how the Movin’ Out storyline evolved (and, more importantly, the lessons I learned in making it), then you can see that thread here.

As usual, Roni’s opinions may or may not differ.

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