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The Script For Today's Comic!



Tanner and Tom are at Tom’s house, playing a game of cards. From the other room comes a cry of pure frustration (or perhaps she’s in the same room, if you can find some way to work it).

KARLA: I doan WADDA be sig!

TOM (nodding): I know, sweetie, I know.

TANNER: Well, actually, nobody wants to be sick.

TOM: That’s true.

TANNER (slightly mischievously): If people wanted to be sick, they’d sell viruses at the grocery store. In cans. You’d just open it up, and pow! Weekend cold!

TOM: They’d brand it, too. Like “Mountain Flu”! Now with more diarrhea!

TANNER: “Coca Cold-a”!

TOM: “Dr. Pooper!”

KARLA (enraged): STOB ID!

Ferrett Says

Never before has a comics title synced up so well with where the comic itself has been (well, maybe "Let's Get This Party Started"), since this week has been a week of technical accomplishments. Specifically, the fact that I upgraded the forums to help stem the tide of those damn comment spammers (who had taken to posting fifteen new spam-o-riffic offers for car insurance a day), and added some new buttons to the site.

No, really. They’re there. Go check below the tragically-underused “Sponsor a strip!” ad for the day (and don’t you have anyone you want to dedicate a snot-related comic to?), and you’ll see the Social links; you can now easily Digg, Fark, Del.icio.us, and Reddit any given strip with a single link.

Our traffic has roughly tripled since we started. We’re still not where I’d like to be – namely, you know, making money – and we’re still not quite at my end goal of where I wanted to be at the end of January. But I’ll bug ya once we start up our next strip series, which is gonna kick in one of the interesting subthemes of this strip that we have not yet explored.

What is love? Well, it’s not mucus. Yet I digress.

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