How Cthulhu Got His Start

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Ya gotta have goals.

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The Script For Today's Comic!



Tom is in the living room, working. From the other room he hears a sound so loud it completely contains the top of the panel.

Now, keep in mind that this is going to work largely on the basis of fontage, so you can’t just use the standard font we have – it has to be a three-font task, and probably hand-drawn. This sound effect comes in three stages:

Ah –
A long, drawn-out spirally thing.

A big wet splattery thing, preferably green and kind of icky.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Scattered all beneath the central Ah-CHOO!, and madly hysterical. In fact, if you feel like stealing the laughter of the Joker (preferably as done by Brian Bolland in “The Killing Joke”), that’s precisely what I am going for here.

The first ah-CHOO! goes without notice, but at the second one Tom looks up in concern. He walks into the bedroom, where Karla is miserable, her nose reddened, surrounded by tissues and whatever sorts of girly medications you think you should be there… Except she is staring madly at the wall, as if she was an HP Lovecraft protagonist who’s just laid eyes on great Cthulhu. She is insanely gleeful.

TOM: Karla? I know you’re sick….

KARLA: I just realized - I’m not sick! I’m setting the world record for consecutive sneezes!

Tom walks out. As he is in the hallway, he hears it again:


KARLA: Thirty-eight! Go me!

TOM (worried, thinking): She’s lost it.

Ferrett Says

It’s the first of the month - and you know what that means, don’t you?

That’s right – resets its monthly votes! Which means for a scant few days, if you vote for us right now, we can become the #3 webcomic on the site!

“That’s all fine and well for you,” you say. “It gets you a lot of new traffic, and new viewers. But what does that do for me?”

Well, this month? It gets you extra-special desktop wallpaper, and a scripty preview of the next strip. That’s right; vote now, and we will give you The Secret Link to Our Secret Page, complete with arbitrarily large bitmap files containing desktop wallpapers. All that and the usual preview sketch!

This offer will not last. In fact, I’m going to yank down the page sometime next week. So get in now, and vote while the votin’s good!

Oh yeah – and didn’t Roni do a good job on the coloring today? You bet she did. Man, I wish she had that kind of time to devote to detail coloring every day, because Karla just pops here. It may, in fact, be my favorite Karla shot of all time. But alas, this is still but a time-consuming hobby for her, and thus spending ten hours a day on a strip to fine-tune all the details means that she cannot, you know, afford to eat. I dig that.

Also, Roni’s the damn co-writer of the strip. She is not merely an art transcriptionist. Please get that straight before I start beating people thxs. Yours truly, me.

Roni Says:

In retrospect, I would have liked to do the text by hand. However, I'm a crappy typographer and it would have taken me a long time. On the upside, I dearly love panel 5.

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