The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Continued (1)

Tom is at his computer, typing. Above him, in typefont letters, are the words he is writing:

“The castle, its stones wet from the slick rain, looms ahead in the fog. In the distance, you hear the howling of a werewolf.”

(Karla walks in.)

KARLA: Whatcha doing?

TOM (perhaps cracking his knuckles in satisfaction): Finishing up my 1,500 words for the day.

KARLA (cheerfully, thinking that perhaps Tom has been hiding something from her): National Novel Writing Month is over, silly! You can stop!

TOM (unruffled, if a little exhausted): It’s not a novel. It’s my daily e-mail roleplaying with Branch.

TOM: Every day, she sends me fifteen emails telling me every detail of Princess Fluttershine’s day, and I have to respond to all of them.

KARLA (excited): So she’s getting into it!

TOM (wearily): I wish it was a novel. It might actually end.

Roni Says:

I love four panel strips, particularly when one panel is the close up of the back of someone's head. Seriously makes my day.

Also, I haven't had a great track record for readers recognizing cameos. If no one recognizes the guy in today's sketch, I'm going to be heartbroken.

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