The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Continued (2)

Tom and Karla, still at the PC.

KARLA: So is your email roleplaying teaching Branch how to interact with other people in real life?

TOM (enthusiastic): Sure! Check out this sample!

KARLA (reading from the screen, or perhaps some other method of revealing it – Fluttershine’s words will be in the Branch font): “Fluttershine: I love all trees and kitties. The other day I saw a kitten that – “

KARLA (continuing): “Duke Ash: I told you, Fluttershine, nobody wants to hear about stupid stuff like that. People who yammer on about dumb things like that annoy everyone. In fact, I think I will slay you for offending me so.”

(NOTE: It’s probably funnier if you have Duke Ash say this with absolute casualness, the same way that someone else would ask for a Tic-Tac, even as he goes for his sword or whatever. I envision it as no malice, letting the words act against type, and I think it’ll work but I’m not sure.)

(We may also need to split this dialogue into two panels, I’m not sure.)

KARLA (same panel): “Roll for initiative.”

KARLA (dryly, a little disgusted but realizing that it’s probably doing the job): So how many times have you killed her?

TOM (unconcerned, perhaps not even looking at her): She’s on Fluttershine the fourth.

Roni Says:

Ah well, I wasn't specific enough. I meant I was hoping people would identify the guy in the voting preview sketch. Which, sadly, no one did. However, a few of you spot the Jayne Cobb action figure.

Today provided an interesting art problem. What would a blended version of Branch and Tom's fantasy worlds look like? I went with [famous trademarked doll] meets Saturday morning cartoon.

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