The Not-Even-Close-To-Last Temptation of Tanner

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To absent friends (and don't we all have too many of those)?

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Not-Even-Close-To-Last Temptation of Tanner
(6 panels)

Panel 1:
(Tanner, out walking in the woods or someplace suitably fun to draw, still hung over and miserable)

TANNER (thinking): "Maybe Tom's right. I do make excuses for my girlfriends."

Panel 2:

TANNER (thinking): "I gave everything I had to Amy, and she cheated on me twice. Am I that desperate to be with someone?"

Panel 3:

TANNER (thinking): "I'm reasonably handsome. Smart. I shouldn't need someone next to me to feel good about myself."

Panel 4:

TANNER (thinking, walking): "I think I'll step away from relationships for awhile. Just to see what happens."

Panel 5:
(Tanner's cell phone rings)

Panel 6:

TANNER (answering): "Hello?"

TANNER (shamed): "…yeah, I miss you, too."

Ferrett Says

This strip’s notable for two separate things:

1) It’s the first strip without a punchline. Not every strip is going to be a gag, even as there was some question of whether it was too early to start pulling emotional strings – but then again, there’s the question of what y’all expect. If we had seventy gags in a row and then a serious one, it’d feel too jarring – so here ya go. It won’t have the impact of recent events in Something Positive, of course, since you haven’t invested as much time in the characters… But then again, life’s not always funny.

2) It’s the first strip where Roni did the layout. So far, I’ve laid out the strips panel-by-panel… But since Roni is a trained animation professional, it felt like I was leaving something important behind. I mean, if she knows what she’s doing, then why should I constrain her?

We still have about two months of canned scripts to go, but hopefully she’ll get more experimental; if I provide the words and the mood I’m hoping to get across, then let’s leave the actual design to the professional.

We’ll see how it works. But I very much like the way today looks.

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