The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 4

Sponsored by Lucas Amodio

Happy Birthday, Carrie!

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine (4)

They’re still in the room. Note how I neatly slot in an additional gag strip and simultaneously address your concerns over sex in roleplaying being weird. This is called “writing.” *g*

KARLA: So what’s the problem?

TOM: Karla, my character can not have sex with Branch’s character!

KARLA: Why not?

TOM (trying urgently to convince her): Because it’s freaky.

KARLA (calmly, handwaving it off): Nonsense. I do it all the time.

TOM: And it’s weird! Nobody else has sex in D&D!

KARLA: That’s because you didn’t play with girls until I came along.

TOM (frantic, his entire world collapsing): There is no sex in D&D! I’d know! There’d be a chart for it in the DM’s guide!

(All this in the last panel)

KARLA (coming to a dead stop as she and Tom are both simultaneously amused by this to no end, almost giggly): “You’re in position. Roll to inseminate.”

TOM (grabbing his crotch): But I get a +5, ‘cause this is vorpal.

KARLA: …but not intelligent.

Ferrett Says

Two items of brief interest:

1) Note that Lucas has sponsored this entire week’s worth of strips for Carrie. Now that’s love, baby. Even I’ve only done a day at a time.

2) If you’re interested, I’m starting up a Friday Webcomic Review. Stop on by if you’d like to see me critique other webcomics in the hope of giving them fresh traffic!

Roni Says:

I can honestly say I've never drawn a character grabbing his/her/it's crotch before.

Much to Ferrett's dismay, this was one of those strips that took inexplicably longer than it had any right to. The humor is physical enough I wanted to get this precisely right.

Also, I think this has inspired me to make a new piece of apparel...

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