The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 5

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You're weird, but I love you.

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tom and Karla in the computer room talking.

TOM (panicked, Calvin-style): Karla, I canít roleplay the Duke having sex with Fluttershine! You know Branch - sheíll want details! Moist, squishy details!

KARLA (excited Ė her meddling gene is at work again): Tom, you have to! Itís a breakthrough for her!

KARLA (calming down as she tries to genuinely show Tom that this is worthwhile): Sheís turned away a thousand guys. This is the first time sheís shown any interest in connecting with anyone, ever. Itís a form of intimacy!

TOM: Thatís what bothers me. It feels like Iím having sex with Branch, not one fictional character making love to another.

KARLA (urgently): But maybe she needs that!

TOM: Hang on a second. Youíre commanding me to have explicit cybersex with a librarian hottie, and Iím saying I donít want to do it.


TOM (grinning with acknowledgement of the absurdity of it all): This is one messed-up relationship, you know that?

KARLA (agreeing, equally thrilled): I know!

Ferrett Says

In response to Mondayís strip, several folks asked us whether Tom would know about either The Book of Erotic Fantasy or The AD&D Book of Sex. The answer? No. Tomís not the sort of person whoíd go hunting for that stuff.

I, however, am. And if youíd like to see my take on the AD&D Book of Sex, you can click this link here for a distinctly R-rated dissection of its, um, ďrules.Ē And I do say ďrules.Ē Really.

In other news, the flow of the art in todayís strip is extremely, extremely nice. Itís one of the major joys of the strip to see Roniís art evolving nicely, and she did a very good job in creating a nice panel-to-panel motion. Go her.

Roni Says:

Aww thank you, though I think you're just needling me because I wanted to keep them sitting. But Karla crawling across the table for you!

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