The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Continued (6)

Tom is at the computer, AIMing with Branch. Karla is crouched over his shoulder, eagerly watching with all of the misplaced enthusiasm that caused her to think that Seth preparing for Izzy was a good idea. Tom, on the other hand, looks like he’d be elsewhere in a heartbeat if he could.

TOM (typing tentatively): Duke Ash says, “I want to have sex in the woods.”

KARLA (talking): Tom, no! That’s too obvious. You can’t just say that. Roleplaying sex is more delicate than that.

TOM: Look, I’m uncomfortable with this, okay?

KARLA: But you have to do it right. This is important for Branch.

TOM (erases, typing again): Duke Ash takes you in his arms and kisses you.

KARLA (hugging herself in rapture, imagining it): Tom, you don’t just start with a kiss! You begin with subtle romance, a dialogue that leads up to that miracle of the first kiss…

TOM (irritated): So what should I type?

(In the next panel, Karla is now sitting at Tom’s PC while Tom stands, irritated and rolling his eyes in the background. Karla is typing confidently, with that smirk we saw when she was first showing her boobs to the world way back in #9….)

KARLA (typing): The Duke nestles closer to you. “Your scent,” he says. “It’s like the wild rain crashing down in the woods….”

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