The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 7

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine (7)

Karla is still at the keyboard, typing away. Tom is watching… Well, he’s not quite sure why he’s watching, he might as well not be here, but Karla’s at the computer and he doesn’t have a whole lot else to do right now so why not?

KARLA (typing): The Duke kisses your neck gently. It is like fireworks. You feel that tingle all the way down to the hem of your dress.

KARLA (typing): You can feel his hardness upon your thigh. He moans in your ear.

KARLA (typing): “I need you, Fluttershine,” he says. “I must taste you.”

(There is a pause. Without seeing her type, Branch’s words appear on the screen.)

BRANCH (typing): I take his weenier out. It’s like a marble cuestick, glistening with dew.

BRANCH (typing): I begin to massage the end of it vigorously with a swirling motion.

KARLA: “A marble cuestick?” That’s a pretty weird description for a… you know…..

TOM (worried): Uh-oh.

KARLA: “Uh-oh?”

TOM: Hang on. Lemme just check something.

(Tom leans over Karla’s shoulder to type in something.)

TOM (typing): Branch, have you ever had sex?
(There is a pause. When the response hits the screen, Tom buries his face in his hands in anguish while Karla stares aghast at the words.)

BRANCH (types back): I’m not sure how to answer that…

TOM (face buried in hands): Oh God….

KARLA (aghast!): She’s a virgin?

Ferrett Says

There are some who will note a "typo" in this strip. It is not a typo. It is a character's typo, born of inexperience.

Aside from that, I'll simply note that this is about as close we'll come to the edge of our PG-13 rating and leave it at that.

Roni Says:


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