The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 8

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Continued (8)

Tom is walking away, waving his hands.

TOM: Game over, man, game over! I am not roleplaying sex with a real-life virgin!

KARLA: Tom, it’s important!

KARLA (selling it, earnestly, trying to convince Tom that this is the right thing, because she really believed it is): If it was anyone else? I’d say drop it.

KARLA: But Branch is turning into a crazy cat lady. We’re her only friends. She’s never dated because she’s afraid.

KARLA: This is therapy. It’s letting her walk through a fake relationship before she gets a real one.

TOM: I don’t know, Karla. Virgins are bad news. They’re clingy and inexperienced. I dated a few, and that turned me into Captain Kirk.

(Wordy, but all of this should be in the final panel – which may need to be big, but the rhythm needs to be together for this to work….)

KARLA (confused): Captain Kirk?

TOM: I don’t go where no man has gone before.

KARLA: But it’s Branch’s Pon Farr!

TOM: This is not the naked time! Set phasers on “none”! I don’t need a piece of that action!

Ferrett Says

Note that we have a new advertiser today: Point of Futility, a cool little whacky webcomic that has a ferret.

Okay, it has laughs and sight gags and a crazy adventure in an old mansion, but from my perspective? Ferret. I'm a sucker for all ferret-related strips, and that includes Candi. But Point of Futility is trying to reach out to a larger audience! They want you so badly! How can you disappoint them? Go now!

In other news, I am inordinately proud of the fact that I pay such a stupidly-bozotic attention to detail that Karla is, in fact, unconsciously using dialogue that she swiped from Buffy. She would not be aware of the Spike-ism unless you pointed it out to her, at which point she would giggle. But it's there. And I am crazed enough that yes, I am pointing it out to you.

Roni Says:

It's a good thing that both Ferrett and I are endlessly amused by working obscure Joss Whedon references into the comic. They usually go unnoticed, but it brightens my day.

That's an idea for an eventual extra, obscure reference footnotes. Or maybe it's just because I'm reading House of Leaves

Also, I'm particularly pleased with today's voting sketch. Go vote so you can see it!

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