The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Continued (9)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

TOM: You mean well, Karla, but you’re playing with fire. If Branch has never had a sexual relationship, we don’t want to get involved.

KARLA: That’s what every person said about me when I was fifteen and hopeless.

KARLA: I know it’s weird, but… I can lead her through this. I’ve been where she is. She just wants to know what that intimacy is like, so she can gear up for the real thing.

KARLA (puppydog eyes, maybe?): She knows this is fantasy. It’s not going further than that.

TOM (not convinced): I dunno…

KARLA (with the air of a kid promising her Dad that she’ll feed and walk this puppy every day): Tom, you don’t have to do a thing! Tell me when the sex starts, and I’ll write that for you! You’ll never see the erotica!

TOM: Karla, there’s no way in hell I’d…

KARLA (sexy, snuggling close, and totally not playing fair – maybe playing with his hair or sucking her finger, but what ever it is it should the sexiest damn thing you can draw): Besides… you know how I get when I write hot fanfic….

KARLA (sexiAR, baby): With all of that excess energy, I’d have to burn it off somewhere….

TOM (small, hypnotized, thinking): Oh, I am so going to regret this.

(NOTE: This needs a way better punchline, but I’m coming up blank. If you have an idea, lemme know.)

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