The Return Of Princess Fluttershine, Part 10

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Continued (10)

Tanner and Tom are at the coffee shop as Tom has clearly just rehashed the details of what has happened:

TOM: …so it turns out that Branch is a virgin, and Karla wants to help her along, so she’s going to write the cybersex.

TANNER (both confused and concerned): Let me get this straight.

TOM (completely at ease with this): Okay.

TANNER: Your wife wants you to have cybersex with a hot virgin.

TOM: Yeah…

TANNER: …and you don’t want to do it.

TOM: Yeah.

TANNER: So you’ve subcontracted your cybersex duties…

TOM: Yeah…

TANNER: …to your wife.

TOM: Yeah. But Branch won’t know it’s Karla, she’ll think it’s all me.

TANNER: Man, I thought my relationship with Izzy made no sense.

TOM (a very slight twinge of irritation as he settles back into his chair): Yeah, well, Izzy says she doesn’t have a relationship with you, so shut the hell up.

Roni Says:

Blame Ferrett.

I was planning to have some bonus art ready for Christmas, then Ferrett send me the scripts for the next month. I nearly peed myself. I'm working on character sketches, a number of new backgrounds and some fairly complex scripts in the hopes of ending year one with a bang. So please think of the next 30 days of strips as your gifts. I mean hey, you get something 3 times a week for the next month, that's pretty good right? So you can blame Ferrett and at the end of the month, hopefully also thank him. Happy Holidays!

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