The Whispering Statue

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Secret Of The Old Cell Phone, Part 1
(Note: Each of these episodes will have a Nancy Drew mystery for the story.)

Izzy is walking into Tanner’s apartment, a small pile of Christmas presents in her hands (they’re not rich) and a small bag from Blockbuster. Tanner is hunched over on his couch, talking on his cell phone guiltily, his voice no more than a whisper in that weirdo not-quite-a-balloon text you do so well.

It’s probably not a bad idea to spend a fair amount of time on the walking-through-the-doorway-entrance-to-the-apartment here, complete with lamp and couch, since it’ll most likely be the same background we use for the end of the “In The Belly of the Beast” storyline, and will need to be creatively dismantled.

CAPTION: Christmas Eve.

IZZY: Hey, sweetie! I figured we’d watch Miracle on 34th Street and then open presents –

TANNER (looking up with a start, still whispering, now audible): Wait, Izzy just came in. Gotta go.

IZZY (wary, but just barely willing to give Tanner the benefit of the doubt): Who was that?

TANNER: Nobody.

IZZY: And if I looked on your cell phone, whose number would nobody belong to?

TANNER: Um… Ann.

IZZY (exploding): You’re still talking to Ann? That ex-girlfriend? That harpy? That dumb stripper whore who took all of your money?


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