The Girl Who Couldn't Remember

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Secret of the Old Cell Phone, Part 2

Still at Tanner’s apartment.

I should note here that Tanner is not hiding Ann from Izzy because he thinks there’s anything wrong with it – he doesn’t. He’s hiding it from her because he thinks she’s really irrational about this, and like Izzy he doesn’t want to deal with the consequences. He has to defend himself to other people about Ann (Tom especially), but in Tanner’s mind it’s a healthy, normal relationship – that’s why he’s doing this.

This isn’t tit for tat. This is convenience. Stupid, ignorant convenience.

IZZY: I cannot believe you are talking to your ex-girlfriend!

TANNER (servile, yet cringing, caught between two worlds): She’s not that bad, Izzy. Sometimes I just need someone aside from Tom to bounce ideas off of….

IZZY: What ideas? Do you talk to her about me?

TANNER (caught off guard, clearly lying): Um… no. I wouldn’t…

IZZY: Oh, for Christ’s sake! I’ve spent two months buying the perfect presents for you, only to find you talking about us with a girl who likes you best when you’re miserable!

IZZY: Worse, you’re hiding it from me! How long have you been talking to her?

TANNER: Four months.

IZZY: And what gave you the idea that it was okay to talk to Ann in private?

TANNER (innocent, not seeing the problem here): Well, you moved and didn’t tell me about it –

IZZY (Cutting him off): I never f**ked my apartment!

Ferrett Says

Long-time readers will recall that my wife occasionally writes the punchlines for me. When I was pitching this strip to her (for both she and Roni are my severest editors), I told her what was happening here but I did not have a punchline. Fortunately, before I could reveal that I didn't have a good gag to go out on... She provided one.

God bless ya, sweet stuff. Although given that our relationship served as the springpoint for Tom and Karla before they mutated over the course of fiction, not Izzy and Tanner, should I be worried that Gini always comes up with the zinger for the more-dysfunctional couple?

In other news, astute readers (who may not be the same as long-time readers) will note that we now have an ad from Project Wonderful on our site. I don't know how much money it'll make for us, but it's certainly a cool thing to have so I wanted it there. And if you feel like sponsoring a slot on the ol' banner ad above (as Point of Futility did), it can be had for a comparative song. We're ludicrously cheap, trust us.

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