The Mystery of the Ivory Charm

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Secret of the Old Cell Phone, Part 4

Still at the ol’ Tanner digs.

IZZY (calming down, realizing that she needs to be nice to pull this one off, and that Tanner is actually being quite logical): Look. Tanner. We’ve been sleeping together for awhile, so I consider you a friend.

IZZY (stammering as she gets the words out, made uncomfortable by the intimacy): A… close friend. Really close. I care about you. In…

IZZY: Anyway, Ann is bad news. She doesn’t have friends – she has resources. And I don’t know what she thinks you can do for her, but it’s not good.

IZZY: Talking to the girl who broke your heart could be closure – but talking to a girl who uses you constantly is insanity. And we should… we should be honest about stuff like this.

IZZY (earnest, serious, heartbreaking): Because I don’t want to see you hurt. And I don’t want it to hurt us.

TANNER (surprised, and a little moved): I’m not going to sleep with her, Izzy.

IZZY (with the air of someone dusting off her hands to get back to the task at hand, not angry, but dismissive – she believes him when he says that): That’s good. Because this would be over if you did.

IZZY (brightening, having made her point): Now let’s go unwrap the presents and turn on the TV! I spent weeks deciding what movies we’d watch together on Christmas!

(Izzy leaves. Tanner gets out the cell phone, makes a quick call, talks small)

TANNER (whispering): I’ll talk to you later.


TANNER (whispering): Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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