In The Belly Of The Beast, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Belly Of The Beast, Part 1

Izzy is talking to Tom in the coffee lounge.

IZZY: So Seth called me up the other day.

TOM (instantly wary): Really?

IZZY: Yeah. He wants to start playing the Gotterdammerung campaign again. He’s figured out how to get Prince Mannock back into action, but he needs to talk to me to figure out how I’ll fit in.

TOM (sippin’ coffee): Well, that’ll make Karla happy.

TOM (suddenly realizing): But wait. Why would you want to play in Seth’s campaign? All he did was hit on you, and then after you castrated Prince Mannock there was all that psychodrama…

IZZY (eagerly): You kidding? I made a GM cry!

TOM (recognizing where Izzy’s enthusiasm lies): Ah.

IZZY (really excited): Next time, I’m going for bitch tears. Or a big rubber room. Roll for SAN, Seth!

Ferrett Says

For those of you joining us afresh, you may want to read this storyline to catch up on who this “Seth” person is and why Izzy’s having issues with him. The rest of you can, well, just read.

I have two confessions for you today, though; the first is that I’m still looking for guest contributors to do Home on the Strange strips for us while we take a brief break at the end of Year One later this month. Yes, I know at least two of you emailed me about it – and then my laptop crashed, taking the email with it! So it is with a red face that I ask once again: If you want your strip pushed before thousands of eager readers, email us at homeonthestrange

The second confession is just a little thing that I feel I should come clean about (though I already confessed it in my blog): it’s been a little heavy as of late as we rush to get to the crash-bang fireworks at the end of Year One (and I dare, fricking dare, anyone to see where this storyline is going – Roni and I are still cacking madly). I normally like to throw in a few light strips to wash away the taste of the heavy soap opera, but we just don’t have time. There will be laughs again, I promise, and goofy takes on nerd media (we have some strips on Heroes and the Firefly MMORPG scheduled) in the near future, but first we must get to the meat.

Also, hello, any new Websnark readers! The great Eric wields a mighty club of fresh eyeballs. I hope you enjoy.

Roni Says:

I don't want to talk things up too much, it's always a let down when that happens. For instance, I recently mentioned I was reading House of Leaves, a book many have claimed was absolutely terrifying. It was creepy, and I certainly skittered back to bed a little bit faster if I got up in the middle of the night, but I never really experienced the bone-chilling terror. Granted, it could be because I'm easily irritated by having to flip the book around 47 times to read a single chapter. It's hard to be annoyed and frightened at the same time.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great book. I just think by the time I got around too reading it, I was braced for it too be scary, and the effect was lessened. Thus, I will refrain from commenting on the upcoming storyline, except to say that this is, without a doubt, the easiest art I am going to have all month.

P.S. Thanks for the nod, Eric, and welcome new readers!

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