In The Belly Of The Beast, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Belly of the Beast, Part 2

Izzy is dressing at her and/or Tannerís house (whichever is easier to draw backgroundwise), getting ready to go out. Tanner is shadowing her.

TANNER: Izzy, no! You canít go to Sethís house! He only wants one thing?

IZZY (patiently): Yes, Tanner. He wants to play his game again.

TANNER (urgently, free of histrionics, convincing): You donít know him, Iz. He says he wants to roleplay, but Seth wants to play. And you alone in the house gets him closer to that.

IZZY: Look. For one thing, Mister ďIím Talking To AnnĒ has no right to tell me where Iím going.

IZZY: And for another, heís a professional. He cares about his game. He just wants to see how he can fit me in.

TANNER (arching his eyebrows): Iím sure he does.

IZZY: Oh, stop it, you baby. Itíll be fine. (Kissing him on the way out the door.)

(CUT TO: A double-wide panel, where Seth has a huge banquet spread out upon the table. Sorry, yeah, itís a lot of items, but it needs to be impressive, with a silver tray and goblets and fine food and a floral bouquet of roses. The house is darkened, lit by candles, kind of like Beauty and the Beast vibe. I also envision a portrait of Jeanine, Sethís wife, looming behind the table.

(Seth is dressed in a tuxedo, a bottle of champagne in his hand, a long-stemmed goblet in the other, his seduction face fully on.)

SETH: Champagne?

IZZY (thinking): Öor maybe not.

Ferrett Says

Um... Roni really killed herself for today's artwork. And I, for one, am amazed.

That is all.

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