In The Belly Of The Beast, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Belly of the Beast, Part 3

Still at the banquet.

IZZY (entranced, girly, gushy): Oh, Seth, what a wonderful dinner you’ve made here!

SETH (nodding slightly, bowing): Thank you. I cooked it myself.

IZZY: But all of these forks and knives! I’m not sure what to use!

SETH (preening): Well, there are several courses, and a fork for each one…

IZZY (holding up a fork): Well, this is… the salad fork, right?

SETH: Correct.

IZZY: And this is the oyster fork?

SETH: Oysters. The seafood of love.

IZZY (looking down): And which one is the “stab-the-sleazy-GM-in-the-eye” fork?

SETH (warily): Hold on a minute, now….

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