In The Belly of the Beast, Part 5

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To my wonderful Husband Dale:
I am amazed that it has been 19 years since we met - time flies when you are having fun :)
Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary!
Love, Deborah

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Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!

In The Belly of the Beast, Part 5

Still talkin’.

SETH (looking, perhaps, at the portrait): Jeanine is the flawless woman, Izzy. She is intelligent. Creative. Rich. Everything a man could want…

IZZY: If she’s so great, why do you go horndogging after every woman you see?
SETH: Do you drink wine?

IZZY: Sometimes.

SETH: Well, if you’ve drunk an excellent wine, does that mean it’s the only bouquet you want in your nose?

IZZY: I’m not sure I like the comparison.
SETH (sidling closer): That’s as may be. But every woman contains something unique within her. I like to experience everything the world has to give…. And I think you understand.

IZZY: Why do you think I’d understand?
SETH (drawing back a bit, a fireside chat): You’re not exclusive with Tanner. Why would you keep your options open, unless you wanted to experiment?

IZZY (uncomfortably trapped by her own logic): Now wait just a second…

Ferrett Says

We almost missed our update today. See, this weekend was a big deal for Home on the Strange. Ferrett was up here for a con, so he and I met for the first time! The reason we almost missed our update today is because it's 11:00 and Ferrett is probably driving through New York. Meanwhile, I have the plague. I went through half a box of tissues while working on the comic and my nose is about to explode like pinata full of goo. However there is no preview because I am exhausted and I'm going to bed to whimper. Still please vote for us, if nothing else out of pity. For instance, I currently contain at least 4 lbs. of mucus. I've had about 7 lbs. of tea go in, but very little go out. You do the math.

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