In The Belly Of The Beast, Part 7

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The Script For Today's Comic!

IZZY (flatly, worn out, but disgusted): Seth, you’re a scumbag.

IZZY: You’re right about Tanner: He’s immature and he’s clingy. But he LOVES me, which is something you’re not capable of.

IZZY (shaking her head): To think that anything could induce me to sleep with you….

SETH (rising from his chair, perhaps taking her hand): But Isabella, you don't know me.

IZZY: I think I do.

SETH (firmly, but kindly): No. You do NOT.

SETH (acknowledging his flaws): I'm florid sometimes, perhaps. And I press hard, for I am filled with passion.

SETH: But my house is like myself: it contains mysteries that must be plumbed. You have not seen the best I have to offer you, but...

SETH (considers): ... should I?...

SETH: Oh yes. I must. Isabella, it's time to show you the real me. Only a few people have seen what I am about to reveal to you.

IZZY (curious, not particularly angry, just wondering what the heck it could be): Keep it in your pants.

SETH (unlocking the door): No! It is the heart of my domain! My Andelain! My phlyactery! Come with me, for I think you’ll sing a different tune when you see….


(A full-panel pause as Izzy stands aghast, her expression near-unreadable. And then:)

IZZY: What the hell is wrong with you?

SETH: Pardon?

Ferrett Says

If you want proof that Roni and I really do plan these things way in advance, you might want to watch us snerking about this event way back when in Roni's journal.

In other news, Roni will in fact kill herself to draw the biggest strip we've done since Doctor Hell. Do me a favor and buy a damned T-shirt, because when I see her busting her ass for this sort of stuff I feel bad about writing this thing.

I envision. Roni refines, then makes that vision reality. She deserves somethin', ya know?

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