In The Belly Of The Beast, Part 8

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The Script For Today's Comic!

In the Belly of the Beast, Part 8

The batcave!

IZZY: Jesus Christ, Seth, you have a Batcave?

SETH (defensively – this is not the response he was expecting, and we’ll say off-record that Karla loved the Batcave): I have millions. I can afford to renovate. And there was an underground sewer….

IZZY: This is just stupid! It’s the sort of thing a twelve-year-old boy would do! Who the hell builds a Batcave?

IZZY: You have a fortune! Why not give this to charity? My God, the kind of man who’d buy a Batcave would –

IZZY (realizing, a little slow on the uptake): - Wait a minute. You have a superhero costume, don’t you?

SETH (suddenly way on the defensive): No.

IZZY (fierce, the old Izzy we love): Be honest.


IZZY: So how many do you have?

SETH (really small): Seven superhero outfits.

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